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Transitory in Nature-

Audile Growth《植‧聽》


Choreography & Scenographic Concept : Chloe Wong



Performer : Chloe Wong, Ka Ching Chan, Alice Ma, Dever Chan



Lighting Designer : Ivy Wong



Deputy Stage Manager : Sam Sui



Production Manager : Bethia Chan



Producer : Celeste Shai



Date 日期 :11-13/ 09/ 2009

Duration 長度:1 hour 10 minute

Venue 地點:Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre 葵青劇院黑盒劇場

Chloe Wong's first full- length work Transitory in Nature- Audible Growth aroused positive feedback. It was one of the attractions of the "New Force in Motion Series" commissioned and presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD).  




The world is constantly advancing. So can the Earth and Mankind follow its pace?


But what actually does "advancing" mean? From what angle can we look at it and assess it?


That is exactly the point of contention- the "we" in everything we see. It is magnified to such an extent that we only think from the human point of view and decide what the world "should" and "should not" be, always wanting to change the world so that ‘we’ can have a better life and a better civilization.


But we should remind ourselves: mankind does not own the universe. We are only a part of Nature. What we need is often much less than what we think.


Nature is an intricate order. Even the simplest things can have the strongest influence on all. A breeze blows, and the grass sways on the lawn. What sort of momentum is there between the leaves and the branches? If every one of us can cherish every living thing and the environment in which each lives, even the slightest realization can influence the relationship between people, and between people and the world.


The choreographer attempts to convey in this dance the relationship between mankind and the world of nature. While she expresses her mixed feelings of love and sorrow towards Nature, she also hopes to make the audience think what they should do about what goes on around them.













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