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Lifting Bones《風惜惜》2012- 2015

Concept/ Choreographer/ Performer : Chloe Wong

慨念/ 編舞/ 演出:黃靜婷 

Performer : Li Lu


Installation Concept : Moon Yip



From time to time, for those who sacrifice their lives to fight for our future, we should never forget what they have done for us...


In 2012, Lifting Bones as a solo choreography, which was premiered in “In Time under the Line” in “Dance Day 2012”. 

In 2013, she developed Lifting Bones from a solo into a 20 minutes duet and this impressive piece was featured in “Carry on” presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). 


Moreover, Lifting Bones has been developed further more and it was staged in some major dance festivals including Zawirowania International Dance Theater Festival 2015, in Warsaw Poland and the 11th Guangdong Dance Festival 2014 in China.

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