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September 18, 2017

Let’s dance

Story: Farrin Foster

In OzAsia’s Dance Lab, ten choreographers from around the region will be put in a room together. Beyond that, no-one knows what to expect - and that makes acclaimed Hong Kong choreographer Chloe Wong very happy.


August 22, 2017

OzAsia & Hong Kong: Identity & connection

- Chris Reid

Chloe Wong & Dance Lab

As part of the 2017 OzAsia Festival, Hong Kong dancer, dance teacher and choreographer Chloe Wong will be one of 11 choreographers from Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore undertaking a five-day residency, titled Australia-Asia Dance Lab, at LW Dance Hub in the Lion Arts Centre, Adelaide. Under the overall guidance of acclaimed choreographer Leigh Warren, the residency will enable participants from diverse backgrounds to collaborate in an experimental dance laboratory, and audiences will be offered the unique experience of being able to see them exchanging ideas and developing work together. I recently spoke with Chloe Wong in Hong Kong.

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