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Choreography & Scenographic Concept:Chloe Wong

編舞及場景概念 : 黃靜婷 


Dancers : Li Lu、Kenneth Sze、KT Yau 

舞者: 李露、施卓然、邱加希


Composer : Moon Yip 

作曲 : 葉卓棠 


Date 日期 :13- 14/ 03/ 2015

Duration 長度:40 minute

Venue 地點:Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre 香港文化中心劇場

Diffusion of the Silence


It is a 40 minutes contemporary dance work, which commission and presented by The Hong Kong Arts Festival--Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2015.

這是一個四十分鐘的舞蹈作品,由香港藝術節委約,於香港賽馬會當代舞蹈平台2015 發表。

“Even though we have nothing in the dark,

silently, in the movement of life, we strive to exchange its essence with each other.” 

Chloe Wong continues the exploration in her new work Diffusion of the Silence in the Series: Where does silence stand in life? Recent social unrests have struck her and this remains a constant theme of her works. Heaven behind the Door last year observed how everyone preserve their sanctuary - a belief, a place, a lifestyle, a principle to be held fast to... Though the movement close to us has ended, the reflection upon life in Diffusion of the Silence is indeed a kind of lingering sound. There is much power, only hiding in places you do not see. 



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