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Across the Border《落依》

Choreographer & Performer : Chloe Wong


Date : 17- 20/ 11/ 2011

Venue : Carpentry, Yuen Long Theatre



Presented by Y- Space, Dancing UP Dancing DOWN Around Yuen Long Theatre II.


Through this series, Y- Space explores alternative spaces for performance: in and outdoors, theatre foyer, backstage, staircases, street corners...


Most performances are created sitespecifically, and Y-Space oversees the organizational needs to realize the visions imagined by the choreographers.


Dancing UP Dancing DOWN Dance Around Yuen Long Theatre II.


The performance leads the audience through an adventure, a close encounter exploration of the architectural characteristics of Yuen Long Theatre.


The journey twists and turns, as participants are guided UP and DOWN and around different parts of the theatre building, while the performers give their all to bring interesting surprises at every turn! No well-behaved sitting nicely in the seats here; everyone finds their own angle to view the performance, a full 360-degrees experience. The audience can become part of the performance! What are you waiting for? Come join this free performance - there is dance all around Yuen Long Theatre!

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